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Commercial Site Development

We do all areas of commercial site development. With the assistance of our GPS systems and our very knowledgeable foreman, we can mobilize to a site and be self-sufficient at all site earthwork needs. Much like our subdivision development, we are able to have a digital wire frame layout in our machines and have foreman use our data collectors to gather site info and do our own layout. We have the ability to dig foundations, interior piers, curb layout, and all underground utilities, using the GCS and SCS technology saving time and money for the general contractor.


Commercial Snow Removal

If you require snow removal for your commercial properties and would like a quote for the upcoming Winter Season (2013/2014), please check with us in the Fall of 2013 for availability. We offer plowing, shoveling, snow hauling, scraping and salting/sanding. Please contact us to have a personalized quote, depending on your needs, at a competitive price.



At Birch Hill Construction, we have the ability to take your commercial building structure and change it into a pile of rubble in the matter of minutes. We then haul and dispose of all the waste material to the appropriate sites and then restore the site to however the customer sees fit. We do this in a safe manner, always keeping the environment and public awareness in mind.


Equipment Rental

Small or big, we’ve got the rig!!! For any small jobs to the biggest ones, we can help you get your project done, at an affordable price. Below you will find a list of equipment available for rental, for fees and availability, click here for our contact information.

  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Dozers Dump trucks
  • Water truck
  • Roller

For more information, you may also visit Camrose Sand & Gravel Ltd.


Float Service

Big or small we move it all!

Fully insured, we are available day and night, at your convenience. For more details, our coordinator, Roger LeBlanc, can be reached at 506-378-2248, or by email at


Sewer/Water Development

At Birch Hill Construction, we renew or build new water & sewer service systems. We can install all facets of water & sewer development, this includes water lines, valves, hydrants, manholes, catch basins, services, concrete and PVC pipes sewer lines. We also have at our disposal, the use of the latest technology to assist water and sewer development. With the use of GPS systems on our machines, we can have a digital wireframe layout inside the cab with the operator that will provide them with line work and up to date grades for the pipe that is being installed. With this technology and our very knowledgeable onsite foreman, we have the ability to give our customers exactly what they want, where they want it.


Subdivision Development

Here at Birch Hill Construction, we can develop all areas of subdivision development from the mulch and grubbing stage to the placement of finish road gravels. We use GPS technology for pipe installation, ditching, cut/fills to achieve proper subgrades, and gravel placement with millimeter accuracy. We are able to have a stake free environment, saving our customer time and money by not having to have another company do continuous layout we can do ourselves.

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